About Us

Stackcodes.net is the world leader in developing off the shelf, turn key online business platforms and distributing them with source code. Stackcodes.net is committed to developing quality web software for our customers to create online businesses and manage their websites. We develop scripts which encompass proven business models. This means you can create a viable online business with any of our web scripts. We incorporate viable business models in every script we make. We have been offering proven web platforms since 2003.

Some of the key aspects of Stackcodes products:

  • Revenue Generating - Most of our software products enable you to generate revenue without depending on advertising revenue.
  • Low Initial Cost - You don't spend a fortune to bring your idea to life. You can launch an MVP for your startup within few days.
  • Easy to Install and Administer - All software products come with an install wizard.
  • Open Source - You can modify the code to meet your specific needs. If you are not sure how to modify the code, we can customize it to meet your unique requirements and ideas.
  • Full Product Support - If you face any issues with the scripts, we are here to help.
  • Mobile Apps - Most of the turnkey platforms come with private labelled mobile apps.
  • Custom Programming-Do you have a unique script/idea? We can make it a reality for a reasonable cost.
  • Companion Mobile Apps – Many of our web scripts come with companion mobile apps. These apps can be customized with your logo and website information.

Stackcodes.net is part of Armia Systems Inc, a web and mobile app development agency helping startups and growth stage companies. We offer turnkey solutions; off the shelf software platforms for creating and growing a number of online and mobile businesses. We are an ISO 9001 2015 certified company and develop web and mobile solutions with highest quality standards.

Armia Systems, Inc offers the e-Business services you need to make your business a success. Website design, e-commerce development, and custom web software needs will be met with speed and precision by our highly trained team of UX experts, software architects, DevOps engineers, web developers, and mobile developers. The experts at Armia Systems, Inc have the skills to handle your most demanding projects. We are headquartered in Deerfield, in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. We also own and operate our own development and support center in Kochi, South India. This combination enables us to offer a combination of value and quality.